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¤ General design specifications: ¤

Do you need to re-design an existing Web Site?    
Do you need a new Web Site?    
What is the due date?
What is (or will be) the web address?
Do you need to re-design an existing logo?    
Do you need a new logo?    
If applicable, please describe how would you like the new logo to look like?
What are you trying to present on your site?
What is the most important aspect to emphasize on your site.
What is your audience's age group?
What type of Web Site would you like?    
Do you want your web site to be a fixed size or to be resizable?    
Will you want to have scrolling bars?    
For what kind of resolution do you want your Web Site to be suitable for?    
Will you provide the images?    
What type of images?    
Will you provide the content?    
What type of fonts would you like to use?
What kind of color scheme would you like to use?
Do you want high impact graphics/animations?    
Do you need video tour for your web site?    
Do you want to have commercial banners?    
If the answer was yes, please tell us the size of the banner and where it should be placed on the page:
How many pages will your web site have?
Do you want to have pop-up pages?    
Do you want sound/music playing in the background?    
If the answer was "Yes", will you provide the sounds/music?    
Do you need to have a search box?    
Do you want to easily update content and images?    
Do you want people to subscribe on-line?    
Do you want to send newsletters?    
Do you plan to expand your Web Site in the future?    
If yes, please give a short description:
Are any Web Sites that you would like your Web Site to be similar to (not exactly the same)?    
If yes, please provide links (please separate them by a semicolon):

¤ E-commerce Web Site specifications: ¤

Do you need a shopping cart?    
Will you accept on-line payments?    
If yes, what kind of on-line payments would you like to use?
How big is your data?
Do you want people to make reservations on-line?
(ex.: for hotels, restaurants etc. ... )
What is your budget for Web design & development?
If you have a Web Host, please tell us their specifications.
(ex.: ASP/CGI capable, data base type, PHP support etc. ... )
Any other additional information you can offer,
Will be much appreciated.
Do you need Web Hosting?    
* If the answer is NO, then you may skip the following questions, scroll at the bottom and SEND the form. *

¤ Web hosting considerations: ¤

What is your budget for hosting per year?
How many eMails do you require?
Do you require eMail forwarding?    
Do you have a domain name?    
If yes, then please provide the domain name:
Do you require monthly maintenance?    

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